Rock of Remembrance

This is a story about how God moves people to places to change lives. Its a story about humility and gratitude. Its a story that is happening right now and I feel blessed to be a part of it.

There are many intricacies as to why and how the events have lead to where they are currently, which I don't know all the details to a T, but I will try to relate as much as I know for it to make sense and hopefully not lose its essence.

Meet Matia and Maria. Matia is six months old, and Maria is his mother. They are a Christian family (her and her struggling husband have two other boys) from Romania. Mati has a tumor in his mouth! They had it removed in Romania in December but unfortunately its a very fast growing tumor and has grown back, nearly to the size of a baseball. Imagine this young mother's despair when knowing absolutely nowhere to go, and having no means to go anywhere or pay for more treatment. She spoke to her preacher in her church who decided to help her out. Him being a well respected, well known man, was able to make more connections with people. And posted her situation on a blog, and word got around to Romanian family in Dallas, who connected her with LSU Medical Center in Shreveport Louisiana, who connected her with my family. They have been staying with my parents while she's been making trips the hospital, who offered to pay for the surgery in full! The good news is that the tumor is not cancerous! The surgery is scheduled for Wednesday March 3rd. They are removing his entire jaw and putting a titanium jaw in his mouth. This is a major operation, with no real guarantees. We are hoping the tumor won't grow back. And he will need lots of plastic surgery and treatment, so it'll be a long process.

Maria calls him "The Rock of Remembrance", the old Jewish saying. He will forever be a rock of remembrance for me, the rest of my life.

I hope this story brings you hope to be grateful for what you have and I hope that you lift up Mati in your prayers this week! If you are interested in donating things or money please leave a comment and I'll set up a paypal account.


Anonymous said...

so many people are praying for you, mati! let us know if there's anything we can do!

Anonymous said...

Dear Naomi!!!

We want to help..... I'll talk to you at school tomorrow. They are all in our prayers!!! God Bless your parents!!!