things i can't do

I have come to learn a few things about myself....

I don't like buying clothes online. I have tried over and over and spent many hours looking at clothes, shoes, jewelry online...and thats what its good for, to look. But when it comes to actually purchasing something (unless its really really inexpensive) I would rather hold the item in my hand or be able to see it on my body before making a decision.

I don't understand people who go to coffee shops alone. Meeting a friend to talk is one thing. But sitting around knitting is another! It just looks like you're lonely. I may be quite isolated in this thinking, but thats where I stand. It seems like the coffee shop has become a place to "pick up people" like scope people out and it just feels creepy to me.

Oh, and I cannot shop on black Friday!!! Nope, not at all. Tried it and its not for me. I don't do well in large crowds, I like to spend money while quietly contemplating a purchase..at least for clothes I do. IKEA, well thats a different story....

That's all I've got for now. Insightful eh? :)

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