Craft Day

I have one more week of break before classes start again. I have been wanting to have a craft day all summer long! Here are a few things I made today.

This is a change bag that my boyfriend and I are collecting change in. The word "vise" means dreams in Romanian. We bought the burlap bag from The Container Store and wanted to add a little something special to personalize it.

This obviously was an altoids tin. My boyfriend and I are also, into reusing things and since this is a perfectly good box, no sense in buying a new one. Corwin has recently gotten into the old fashioned shaving with safety razors and he wanted a box to store his razors. I painted this cut out applique to paste on top.

I was given a small black square canvas years ago that came with a few metallic paints. So today I made Corwin his very first painting. Since the colors were so mystical I knew it should be a sort of eerie and fantasy like scene. I definitely wanted to keep some of the black showing through since a black canvas is kind of rare. I also painted the argile pattern on the sides and a Romanian poem on the bottom. I hadn't painted in a long time, so this was fun to do.

I did this still life one day this Summer while my mom and I were teaching art camp. I used mostly colored pencils and a few conte pencils. I hope I can continue to make time to do things I enjoy!

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Jennifer said...

Very nice crafting! Will also does the old school shaving with a straight razor and soap in a mug.