Is it possible to have a spiritual experience watching Coldplay?

It is Sunday morning, after doing an hour workout I decide to flip some channels. After watching BYU tv for a bit, I saw there was a Coldplay concert. Watching it got me thinking about God. About all that is going on right now at this precise moment. And how God loves us all, no matter what. No matter if we are Chris Martin, are watching him, or don't care for the band at all. No matter if we are at Church or work or talking or reading. I do think that there are things that we can do to draw nearer to him and that please him. But it is amazing to me to think that even when we don't do these things it doesn't change his love for us. He is infinitely patient and always reaching out. I would love to even have a taste of this love in my heart, to be able to love others this way. Or to even see the world in the way he does. Everyday he has millions of opportunities to be crushed by the choices that his children make and also to rejoice in their choices. I guess we are given a similar opportunity; we can choose to be ok with what is going on in life and world or be bitter. I am glad to have a perfect example like God, our Father and Jesus to know how I should strive to live my life, treat others, see the world.

Back to Coldplay...

They are such passionate performers and talented. I think its great when people share their talents positively for others. I think it makes God happy. Thanks HDNet for putting this concert on your network.


Ally said...

Hey Naomi,
How is everything going? I love the blogging world..good luck with your marathon training!! I seriouly had almost the same experience that you had with coldplay..but I was in Applebee's..I just starting looking around and thinking how Heavenly Father loved all these people and was reaching out to all of them..

Anonymous said...

i once saw an interview with chris martin and learned two things:

1. he thinks he's the best thing since Mozart (his words)

2. his main inspiration is porn