Three Little Big Words


Have you ever noticed that you get a certain vibe from people or in situations?

Be it a...

-cool vibe
-uptight vibe
-scary vibe
-dependent vibe
-trustworthy vibe
-cultured vibe

There are so many of them, feel free to add to the vibe list as you get them.
Do you usually find that you are right about the vibes?

The vibe leads to information....

It amazes me how information is so readily available to us.

Be it through:

-a friend
-a library
-personal experience

There is a smorgasbord of info out there, including from our own lives. Do we really utilize it all? One thing that I am working on is really exploring all the available information and deciding on my own what to do with it.

Then Control comes in to play....

A lot of information is manipulated by others. The media is an obvious example. The networks choose what to show us, what we see, what we are exposed to. It might not be very accurate info but that's what we got. Even on websites, they can leave out or make up whatever they want. Or in a blog, people can be or portray exactly what they want to appear to be, true or not. The same is true in a real life situation. It makes me wonder if I ever really know anyone.

Guess the best thing to do is to go with our vibe.

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