My A-ness

While I was working at The Little Greek Restaurant I was able to meet all sorts of cool people around the Alexandria area. One family in particular is this one, The Brady's. I could probably list 101 things on their list of awesomeness. But I might post that another day.
One thing they have shared with me was about their lifestyle, which includes The Eat for your Blood Type Diet. It very much intrigued me as they started explaining to me how different foods react differently to our body. I would sense that a lot in body especially, as I would exert myself in various activities. At times it felt like such a strain to run, like I just couldn't do it. I thought it might have to do with what I ate, but I could not easily put my finger on it, nor thought it would really matter.
Since then I have been on the quest to find out my blood type, my father informed me that I'm either an A or O. Then as I spent a wonderful evening with The Brady's on Friday night, we narrowed it down that I'm an A! What a relief!
My diet will change, but not too drastically. Its funny how it worked out because most things that are on my "avoid" list were already, I guess because I unconsciously noticed their unpleasant reaction to my body and chose other foods over them. I am not a huge fan of red meat, which is a good thing because thats a no no. My diet will be almost Vegan now. But I'm really excited to see how I feel. I will experiment for a few weeks and see what happens.
Another thing to remember for Type A's is that we should not engage in too strenuous activity. And as I did push myself to be a runner, I wondered if I was cut out for it at all. I thought a few times "maybe I'm just not supposed to be a runner". Turns out to be accurate. So I will continue to do the various weekly activities which include spinning, belly dancing, weight lifting, walking, dancercize, yoga, pilates and I'm sure a weekly short run will not hurt.


The Dre said...

yes a weekly short run could give you a heart attack...

JUST JOKING! Loved the post! Keep up the good work, your fans are dying to hear whats new in your life.

laura said...

awesome! I'm so glad you got my letter. this blood type diet thing is way intriguing. i wanna know what it is if you're an O type.

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