in the spirit of love

Being that February 14th is coming up, I thought I would make a post to encourage two things.
1. Embrace Valentines day as a day to celebrate loving someone, anyone. Be it a mom, dad, brother, sister, best friend, neighbor, co-worker. Do something nice for that person.
2. Wear red.
Interesting Facts about Red
  • symbolizes action, courage, vitality
  • it draws attention to itself. there was a study on online dating websites, and the same girl who wore the same dress (one red and one black), got more responses on her picture with the red dress than the black.
  • it indicates excitement, emotion
  • more extroverts choose to wear red
In honor of the holiday, the color, and for the love of fashion, I spent way too much time looking for a creative crimson colored collection of looks to highlight. Besides falling in love with about 89 dresses, I learned a few things about my taste in dresses as you will find out below.

Vivienne Westwood

I chose this dress because after selecting my top picks, I realized I didn't have a single solid dress, so that was a must. This dress looks so easy to wear and it could fit a number of body types. You could add to it by belting it, or wearing a long sleeve shirt under it, or cardigan over it, or tights, or boots. This would be a classic dress to wear to many occasions.

New Look
I simply could not resist put this adorable dress on here. Nothing else to say but, love it!

I lost the brand name of this dress. But it sort of reminds me of an Elie Tahari. It has a whimsical and feminine feel to it; I am fond of the square neck, and appreciate the sleeves. Although, it seems like a dress I'd wear for one season or year and then get rid of, patterns tend to do that to me.

On my lengthy search on the world wide web, I ran across a website that I will probably shop on, with vintage inspired looks. I absolutely love this look. It's two pieces for those of you dress haters out there. The high waisted look is so flattering on hippier chicks. If you haven't tried this yet Go for it!

red dress shoppe
I realize this isn't red, but again I couldn't resist. This is probably my favorite dress of all. It screams Marc Jacobs, 50's, classic, womanhood.


laura said...

I'm with you. LOVE the Marc Jacobs. You seem fun to shop with. Oh, would you mind analyzing someone else's handwriting? I had a friend who is really interested.

whitney joy said...

I love the Marc Jacobs so bad. And the plaid one. I need to wear more dresses.

Deja Marie said...

I love the first one, the red solid, so classy, sassy and elegant! I love fashion myself so your blog is a blast to read!