Posh and Pregnant

No, not me!

There are many lovely ladies around me going through this time in their lives so I thought I'd offer some thoughts. I do not have any personal experience on the matter, just pure observation.

First of all, don't try to squeeze into non maternity clothes, you'll end up feeling worse about your added weight because they will be tight in all the wrong spots. Embrace your belly and growth in other areas without trying to hide. You'll not only look a lot better, but feel better as well.

All the pieces are from a pea in the pod website, its an awesome high end maternity store.

A delicate detail such as this tie under the bust really adds a lot to this top. It brings out femininity and draws the eye toward a smaller area you might would rather accentuate.

Ah, Diane, famous for wrap and her wild prints, couldn't ask for a better designer to trust for a look like this. Many pregnant ladies tend to avoid prints for fear of making them look "bigger". But actually the print tones down the bumps, it evens out your look and doesn't break up your figure.

Lucky Brand has amazingly soft cotton fabrics and hoodies to live in, even more reason a precious pregnant person needs one!

Hot denim from 7 for all mankind, go for the splurge and stride your hide with some preggo pride!
To all my friends who are carrying babies, your strength is an example to all around! Cherish this special time and remember you shine and are beautiful pre, mid, and post pregnancy.


curtandjuliemartin said...

I love you!!! I don't know if you know but I work at A Pea In The Pod! I love it! The clothes are amazing! It is THE place to shop when you are pregnant. I went to Motherhood Maternity (thats the most well known store) lastnight to see what they have, and I felt like I was shopping in a Walmart! I love the secret fit jeans from APITP too! The way the new panel fits is so comfortable over the tummy. Thanks for the fashion shout out to all us prego women!!

Costi said...

that's awesome you work there! lucky you, discount! i thought you'd be excited about all this since you're having such a fun time being pregnant! love it, si te iubesc....remember "hai mama hai!"