Red Trippin'

Since I made a post about red dresses and didn't own one myself I figured I needed to get one. So that was my mission for this Valentines Day, my most favorite holiday of the year.

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful gentleman in my life who offered to take me shopping as my gift! That never happens to me. We went to Dallas to Northpark Mall, it was a real treat to be surrounded by the names that I love and rave about but don't get to encounter so often because I live in Alexandria.

Here are some really rough snap shots of what I got, showing only one of the 100's of options of outfitting.

And thank you to Ryan for a fabulous weekend!

Theory dress from Neiman Marcus
one size fits all
high waisted skirt from Anthropologie


laura said...

really cute...and it's pretty cool you found a guy who will take you shopping.

whitney joy said...

nice! I want to hear more!

curtandjuliemartin said...

Okay you look way to adorable for me not to comment!! I love the outfits! You and that Romeo should take a trip to Houston so I can meet him! And I really want to see you! I hope everything is going great for you!