Mr. 29

This is my brother. He's one of the most loved people I know. He's well deserved it and lived up to this status because of his enthusiasm for everyone he meets, his ability to make anyone feel special and important, his childlike laughter, his wise perspective on what's important in life. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world to have been raised with him my whole life.
Here are a few things that I hope he realistically incorporates into his life.

Keens from Piperlime, click above to purchase these bad boys.
He's not a sandals person, but I thought this might be a compromise since his toes aren't exposed. He's in dire need of a belt, reversible is a convenient way to go. This look is simple and can be casual or dressy. click on image to be directed to Amazon for purchase.

Let me know, Dre, when you're ready for cologne and we'll go from there! I love you no matter what you wear.


Kate said...

Andrei is so precious! He's come a long way!

whitney joy said...

I like the new look of your blog! Very nice!

The Dre said...

thanks to the best sis ever!!!!! I love you, I'm ready for the Liz Taylor Cologne. :)

Costi said...

whit....you are my go-to for a hip blog!