The time has come for me to delete my facebook account. I have to say I now have so much more time to do more meaningful things: like keep up with news and blog!

Facebook became overwhelming and a hassle. I had way too many friends and didn't have the heart to delete them. I'm using this opportunity to keep up with people through email, text, phone, and better yet in person!

So far I'm enjoying my new found freedom.


curtandjuliemartin said...

I love it! I am not very good at keeping up with people on Facebook either! I love you blog btw! How fun that you got to go to U2, it looked like a blast! I look forward to many more blog updates!
Te iubesc mult de tot!

Costi said...

yay beautiful sora! Si eu te iubesc!

Anonymous said...

I'll miss you in FB, but I completely understand.
I'll read your blog regularly, and there's always email and phone to keep us connected.
Love you!

Costi said...

thanks Ileana! Love y'all too and thanks for checking my blog