best friends and U2

Last weekend my best friend Jenn, asked me if I wanted two tickets to go see U2 in Dallas for Monday October 12th. I had an immediate desire to go, and do all that it takes to make this happen and find someone to go with me. After checking some sources for possible people to come, Jenn realized that she could go and wanted to have some best friend time! She has a toddler and a new born, so we obviously don't do this often. It was a real treat! Definitely took some sacrifices on her part working around children's schedules and I have a nice enough Psychology teacher who let me miss a test for this concert! We came back last night at 4am! And her truck got stuck in my muddy dirt/gravel driveway. I had to take her home (a little out in the country) which put me to bed at 5am to wake up at 7am and tend to preschoolers all day! I'm sure Jenn had it rough having to nurse and take care of two of her own precious souls.

Needless to say, it was all worth it!

We made time to stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes for our first time! What a fancy treat!
The new Dallas Cowboy stadium is AMAZING! This was the screen that kept evolving into something else and moving along with those little bridges. The effects blew my mind, I kept saying "this is so crazy!" over and over.
Beautiful Bono! Their message of peace, freedom and hope will remain with me.
The Edge Rocked!
With or Without You, definitely a top encore of their three!!
And Jenn did the amazing photography.


mel said...

awww! that looks like so much fun!

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