dior on my feet

This past week, I've driven to Miami with my family (and future family member), and gone on an amazing cruise to the Bahamas (pics to follow). On our drive we stopped in Orlando on Black Friday, at an amazing outlet mall. At the Neiman's last call, Rachel was helping me find the perfect pair of shoes to get on a bargain, and I couldn't resist relishing these beauties. They were $1020 on sale for $715 with a 40% off.

Here are the ones I ended up getting for a low price of $38 from Seychelles. Thanks to Rachel for all the help in deciding out of all the top designers and to Andrei for doing the photography. And to the P's for an awesome vacation!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Naomi!!! Those Dior shoes are cracking me up. Only you could ROCK those. haha. I do love the ones that you bought. How adorable and what an amazing price. Thanks for the great laugh tonight. Sorry I got a laugh out of great fashion hahahahaha.


whitney joy said...

I would love to see the outfit you wear with those dior shoes!!!