so shoe me

So lets just say, today was full of surprises that made little things more stressful than usual because my vehicle was immovable and it made me realize my dependency on such a luxury. With lots of help from dependable friends I got to class and the auto part shop. Hope to get it all situated tomorrow, if its merely a battery issue.

Anyhow, the reason I decided to make this post was that my future sister in law Rachel emailed me a link to this shoe, and she knows my love for black and white. It was so refreshing after a day of car oil worry. Funny how such little things make a difference. These shoes, even the 2d image of them, make me giddy. Check 'em out on Piperlime. L.A.M.B Zene Shoe. Thanks Rachel!


Pam is Trying... said...

That is a kick booty shoe!

curtandjuliemartin said...

Wow that is a gorgeous shoe! I love black and white too! I want those! They are probably only $700. Curt would tell me to get two! :)

Costi said...

Aw, what an awesome husband you have! They are $325. You could totally rock this shoe! Love you Julie and Pam too!