Resolve to Resolute

Ok my brother and I are in this huge contest where we have to have good eating and exercise habits. We are keeping tally everyday of how good we did for that day. And at the end whoever ends up with the most tallies wins! And we get to pick out ANYTHING, well like a $400 limit,  for the other person to give us. Like I told him I'd buy him a plane ticket somewhere, or whatever motivates him the most. Maybe a meal at a super elite restaurant.

So here's my motivation----which is subject to change. its actually the gray one, but for some reason only the brown one shows up.

A few more resolutions I've come up with----Take more pictures and get an Etsy account for my cards.

Happy 2010! The year of my 10 year highschool reunion!

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Anonymous said...

How cool is that! My siblings and I need to do the same! Happy New Year and see you soon. Hoping to have Ann Marie back at school on Thursday or Friday. She is ready!! We miss you!!