top ten songs

Naomi's Top Ten songs for 2009

these might not be new to the year, but i'm guessing they are, i'm just too lazy to do the research. This was very hard to do, i basically just put songs that i can listen to about 100 times a day and still by smiling by the end.

10.     Close my eyes-The Peekers
9.       Cherry Wine- The Legendary River Drifters
8.       Thats not my name-The Ting Tings
7.       Your Long Journey-Raising Sand
6.       Five years time-Noah and the Whale
5.       Never had nobody like you-M. Ward
4.       Rocks and Daggers-Noah and the Whale
3.       In Step-Girl Talk
2.       I like you so much better when you're naked- Ida Maria
1.       Hurt Feelings-Flight of the Conchords

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