a dream recognized

Last Christmas, I was in Alexandria with my family. Late one night around 11pm or so my brother and I saw that on VH1 there was a special marathon of a Reality TV Show called Scream Queens. I'm not usually a big reality TV follower, but after watching the first episode, we were hooked and decided to stay up til 9AM for the whole series! 

My life has never been the same....
The series was about actresses trying to be the lead in the Saw XI film (which came out this past October). James Gunn was one of the judges in the show and as he worked on it, he also blogged about his experience. He was truly a fair, caring judge and really loved those girls and put his whole heart into it. You can really tell that directing actors is something he really loves to do. That is when my personal fandom of this man began. I then became his friend on facebook, followed his blog, etc. and continued to see what a cool person he is. He's from St. Louis! Which was cool since, I used to live there. And he used to be married to Jenna Fischer.

A few months back, his facebook status said he was coming to Louisiana, that intrigued me. A little while later, he wrote an amazing blog post about how he's going to film a movie called Super, in Shreveport! I immediately thought "This is my chance to meet him!"

Today was the first day of shooting and I was there! As an extra in a small wedding scene. You can probably only see the back of my head, but that doesn't matter because I got to meet James Gunn and introduce myself! He was just as nice as I always knew he was. He was great at making sure, we all had a good experience (in the freezing cold). I also got to say hi to Liv Tyler and Rainn Wilson! 

What is really cool is that he is accomplishing a dream he's been working on for five years. As mentioned in my last Facebook post, it was my dream to meet him.

Best day ever!

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Anonymous said...

How awesome Naomi!!!!! What a memory making time you had. So excited for you and can't wait to hear more about it.