Shopping dreams do come true

So I woke up one day this past week, I think it was like Wednesday, with this burning desire to own a pair of Oliver Peoples. And I mean burning. I started searching on my Shop Style App, but it was hard to find any below $400, and I wasn't really willing to go over $200. 

When working at NM, we had a rep come from Oliver Peoples and tell us in great detail about the precision, and true science behind creating these sunglasses. I started lusting after them ever since. I also appreciate that there isn't a screaming logo on the side, its very subtle. 

This Friday, I took off work to go to Dallas and help my mom go furniture shopping. It consisted of a lot of driving and not as much buying, but still very fun and informative. She wanted to take me out to do something fun before we got to my grandparent's house, so we stopped at TJMaxx for sec, since its a store I enjoy and can easily go in and out of, and also find good brands. 

Well, as my mom said "it was fate",  there they were....waiting for me to pick them up...a pair of Oliver Peoples, for $40! TJMaxx never carries this brand! They must have just been a return that the original store could no longer sell, because there are tiny teeth marks on one of the stems. But I don't mind, I love them, they are so comfortable. And my dream for this week came true!

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Curt Julie and Claire said...

Yeah for finding awesome things at great prices!! I love that!!