Dear Dillards

I am a shopper, and I mean a big one. I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and as a former associate for numerous large retail chains, including Neiman Marcus, you can gather that I know a thing or two about good customer service.

You do not need me to tell you that in this economy and with all the ease of internet shopping, that customer service should be at its peak!! If you want me to walk in to your store, instead of sitting at my computer and clicking a button, then get some employees who act like they want my business and who make human interaction somewhat enjoyable.

Today, I decided to go to your store to buy some much needed makeup. Before arriving to the cosmetics department, I became very excited seeing the shoe collection (which was very well merchandised, by the way). I spotted a pair of Ralph Lauren sneakers on sale, just what I've been wanting for a while! I passed up four sales associates who looked right at me, looked me up and down and said nothing to me, just went about their conversations. This was a typical busy, Sunday afternoon in mid-November, mind you. I thought to myself, "I really like those shoes, but these sales people aren't giving me the time of day, guess I'll look 'em up online instead".

I decided to give the cosmetics counters a try....same thing. I got looked up and down by three associates standing and chit chatting with each other, and not one word was spoken to me.

I passed the Origins counter and thought to myself "you know, I've never tried Origins, it looks interesting, I kind of would like to try it and know more about it", but there was NO ONE there! As I walked away, I saw the associate walk to her counter from another counter and continue her intense conversation, ACROSS COUNTERS! They just watched me walk away.

I stopped by Clinique, since I'm more familiar with their products. I was literally standing there and was ready to buy about 4 products, when the associate said "excuse me" upon seeing me and nothing else.

I know working in retail is hard. I know what its like to feel like you're saying hello to everyone and getting nothing. But nowadays it has to do with the experience a customer gets in person. If that experience isn't good, its so easy for me to take my business elsewhere. That's why its so important to train your staff to greet EVERYONE!

Imagine my experience, if out of those eight employees that I was ignored by, five of them would have stood out and made an attempt to make a sale, after all thats what they are they for. I might have spent the amount of money I was ready to spend and on top of that, I'd be a repeat customer because of that good experience. Really, it would have only taken, one, one person to have done their job.

But instead, I will be taking my business somewhere else to avoid being treated like an unwelcome, unwanted customer, in a place that is begging for my money.

Ex customer,

Yep, I sent this today. 


Laura said...

Very well written letter. Same thing happened to me the other day while trying to get my car serviced so I left as well.

This is totally random but we were watching a movie the other night and noticed that it was filmed in Shreveport. Then out of nowhere, I recognized your brother!

Anywho - Hope you are doing well, Naomi. Love to check your blog for fashion advice!

Costi said...

thanks Laura! you're an inspiring writer too (the rare times i get to check your blog)

oh and by the way, Dillards' called me the next day and offered me a $100 gift card, so they have more than redeemed themselves.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I hate this! Customer service has gotten so bad these days that I go out of my way to let the store know. Drive-thru's especially make me nuts. Gas is too dang expensive for me to wait 20 minutes in the drive-thru for a ice cream cone. If sales clerks dont give me the time of day I leave.
Good for you for writing to them!