too many toiletries

I really had no idea I had this problem of buying lots of toiletries. I used to work at Bath and Body Works and collected a lot then. I also used to sell Mary Kay actively and received an ungodly amount of product as inventory. I remember when I was a missionary in Romania, my companion Sora Titus, said "I've never seen anyone have so many toiletries as you".

Now as a side note, I'm using the word toiletries to include make up products. I pondered the idea of lining up each product and photographing it, but I for one didn't want to dedicate all the time that would take and number two, I would probably be a little ashamed. I do however have a lot of my nail polish all in one place (with the exception of a few that are lying around various places), so I'll post that.

It's like I daily think of what new product I need or want to try  or collect. So, I've decided to make a resolution (yes, before the new year) that I will not buy a new beauty product unless I'm COMPLETELY out of that product. And that means going back and using the unfinished products I have lying around and even sample products that I collected from Neiman Marcus.

That being said, today I will be buying concealer and maybe a tube of lipstick.

And nail polish does count right? I mean, look at these colors!! You need a vintage color! I'm wearing Russian Navy right now.

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Curt Julie and Claire said...

HA Ha!! You make me smile and laugh and love you even more! You are all girl!