I just realized how many nicknames I have....here are some I can think of

Nae-simply just a shortening or some say Nae Nae

Costi-an obvious one that I got from being a missionary, because people got tired of saying Sora Constantinescu so many times in one day

Jackie-was given to me by my friend Kelvin, who kindly says I'm a "Jackie of all trades"

Ariel-given to me by my friend Hevin, since I sort of sing and have red hair.

Little Red- given to my by my boyfriend Corwin, because he says I'm cute like a little red package with a bow.

Ding- from my brother Andrei ...there is really no logical explanation for it.

Naomica- from my family, a Romanian diminutive.

they are quite fun, now, which one is the best?

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