buy me jewelry, buy me love

Being that today is LOVE day and all, I couldn't resist posting. Also, my best friend's Golden Birthday is coming up soon and my mission is to find her the perfect gold ring! I've been obsessing over this task, and all the while finding more and more gorgeous jewelry to win my heart! Here are some gems I've come across.

This is my icon of inspiration for Jenn. Its a Mignon Faget, too bad its $1,200!
I have recently discovered my love for Betsey Johnson! Betsey Johnson anything that is. But jewelry is more readily affordable than the lavish dresses. I would love this ring because it would be like Valentines day all year round! Course with the amount of red that I wear, it kinda is.

I am including examples of jewelry that I wore today, because they mean something. Which is why I love getting jewelry as gifts so much, because you can always think of that person when you wear it. 
Jenn bought me these earrings as part of my Christmas gift last year. I guess you could say buying jewelry for each other is one of our "things".
This Guess ring, has such a unique story. When I was about four years old, I had a best friend named, Jenny, coincidentally :). I used to sing her this song that says "Make new friends, but keep the old...one is silver and the others gold". Jenny and I kept touch til we were teenagers, but then lost touch. Through Facebook we were able to find each other, now at the age of 28! And we are still just that, best friends. She sent me this ring for my birthday! Now I get to wear it and think of her proudly!

It is stories like this that make Valentines day fun, that make shopping fun, that extend friendships to items we put on our bodies. Its something to celebrate!


Miss Deja said...

I just love those rose earrings! So cute! I love your style post, keep em' comin'!

Costi said...

thanks Deja for always leaving such sweet comments. sorry I left FB, what can I do to help with the wedding planning? i know how stressful it can be! miss ya