too much mascara?

These five tubes of mascara are just what I have collected out of my current make up bag. This goes without counting the many others that I've gone through and tried. 

1. the top one is an inexpensive Walmart mascara, from Loreal. I have liked that one because of its thin wand, it does the job very quickly and is mostly for lengthening. 

2. Mary Kay, this mascara goes on very easily and lightly, and does the same with removing. 

3. Bobbi Brown, lengthening. Totally can lengthen, if thats what you're looking for. Does the job well!

4. Bobbi Brown, Extreme Party Mascara....is exactly that, volumizing and feels like your lashes are having so much fun, they are having a party.

5. Clinique- pretty similar to the Mary Kay one. 

I have been experimenting with mascara since high school! It has long-time been one of my favorite cosmetic products. Out of all the trials, if you want to stick with Walmart, go for Loreal. I like that one because it saves time and does the job! I can easily spend longer on doing my lashes than the rest of my face! But over all go for Bobbi Brown, extreme party! totally fun, fast acting and worth it! 

Here's just a short tid bit sharing and helping you save all the time and experimentation, if you are pleased with your current collection. 

And don't forget to curl those lashes before applying the mascara! This makes a world of difference!

Happy lengthening and volumizing!

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