My wardrobe for a day

I decided I would share where I have acquired my articles of clothing and accessories for a day. 

Shirt- M Missoni- from Buffalo Exchange in New Orleans

Jeans- Banana Republic outlet from the Boardwalk in Bossier. I bought them while shopping one day outside and it got very cool all of a sudden, so it was more of a necessity buy to cover my bare legs. A steal for $20! And it was my first pair of light jeans in years!

Shoes- Joe's from Neiman Marcus Last Call.

 I got this bracelet from Urban Outfitters with Whitney in New Orleans. My touch of the Native Americans. 
 The silver star diamond necklace was a gift from my Daddy for Christmas from Neiman Marcus Last Call. And the brown necklace was my Mom's, I stole it from her years ago :)
This is a  Michael Kors watch that I bought on consignment from a local shop in Shreveport called New to You. 

I thought I would just share some of my personal pieces and how you can sometimes shop designer and sometimes shop used and still make it all come together and balance your budget!

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WhitneyJoy said...

the sweater looks awesome, love the whole outfit... especially the necklaces.