Now THAT'S good service!

I have always been a big fan of Banana Republic because of their beautiful clothes and quality. Besides TJ Maxx it is one of the only local Shreveport stores I frequent. In the past year I have had numerous bad experiences there! I have written the company and called and haven't really gotten a great response from upper management. I have been in many many times and not been addressed once by an Associate. I'm sorry but if you are going to have prices that go up to $150 for a blouse, I better be getting excellent service I mean, its not Target!! 

Last month when I was in New Orleans with my new best friend, Whit we decided to stop in a boutique in the French Quarter. The sign out front that said "Free Clothes" caught our eye, not to mention the vintage electronics and displays in the window. Upon entering we were not only greeted by a friendly face, but we were thoroughly informed of the new merchandise in stock and the sales. I was looking for a dress to wear to my birthday party coming up and the associate instantly grabbed the PERFECT dress! It saved me the time of having to go through each and every rack in the store when she clearly knew what they carried. The free clothes deal was buy two items and get the third free! So I got some accessories to go with it! 

The store is called Wish and there is only one, and no website. After that awesome experience I left decided to boycott Banana. Why should I pay high dollar for little return? I will now attempt to shop more of my local boutiques and boost my local economy. 

This week I received this in the mail from Wish! Made my day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Naomi!!!! It's me... Ann Marie Tice. Could I please get your email address??? I have so much to tell you about. I miss and LOVE you forever!!!

Ann Marie

Costi said...

ANN MARIE!!! I miss you sooo much!!! Email me at larisa.inc@gmail.com!! Love you!