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Who is lucky enough to be going on a relaxing vacation this Winter season? My family's trip to the Virgin Islands and to the Bahamas was booked last night at 1am! Needless to say, I'm extremely excited! I remember working at Neimans and right when Winter started they would push their "Resort" line as if its the fifth yearly season. At first I had no idea what it was, and then it dawned on me that its for the those blessed people that get to go to a warm island during the Winter. They of course need to be told what is in  each year! Here are some Resort Trends I'm getting pumped to show off!

PINK! There, I said it. I am NOT usually a fan of pink. I don't think I own anything pink in my current closet. But hey, I'm in the Bahamas, I'm going to wear some pink this vacay!

COLORED PANTS You bet I'll be wearing some artsy colored pants. I'd also like a great colored pair of denim for this Fall (non-resort) season. I don't think I will be choosing to sport any capri pants though. I'm a little anti capris. Especially for my petite height. Although I do think they look pretty silly on  any height. Hate to break to ya. 

PRINTS This is yet another thing I tend to stay away from. Its not really a voluntary thing. But I am leery of prints because they can easily become dated and finding the right print size can be a tricky thing. But I'm breaking all my rules on this vacation! Maybe it will seep into my post-trip wardrobe so I can break from some of my habits. Because we all need to that at some level.

Here are some of my top picks on these crazy fun trends!

For the link to find all the trends and more click here.  

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can't wait to see the vacay pics!