Boycott Victoria's Secret

Okay, another boycott post. This could get a little personal.

What originally made me recently think of boycotting this store is that the prices of their panties and bras are ridiculous! And I have been unhappy with almost every piece purchased. With prices like theirs I expect nothing less than perfection, the quality should EXCEED expectations. We women should be pretty picky when it comes to intimates. Those articles are the closest things to our bodies and what we wear underneath has an influence to how we feel on the outside. I want the utmost comfort, beauty and style when it comes to intimates. Now, don't get me wrong VS sure knows how to accentuate certain womanly areas and thats nice and all. But when the thought of boycotting came to mind and one last look at the website while browsing my next PJ set purchase, I began to fume more and more and wonder why on Earth I didn't think of this sooner! I have always disliked their tasteless practically pornographic way of advertising. I nearly cringe when browsing the catalogue and quickly throw it in the garbage (I don't even bother to recycle it, only to save it having to be seen by anyone else). Upon coming to this conclusion, I googled "boycott Victoria's Secret" and found an online petition where 962 women signed to boycott the store. The petition is now closed. But here is what they said.

  • Victorias Secret sells lingerie in an inappropriate manner that fits into the category of soft porn, and has resorted to degrading and sexually explicit advertising campaigns. 
  • We find it particularly offensive that models are portrayed wearing little-to-no clothing in highly visible areas and even mannequins are provocatively posed.   
  • We realize that in order to sell lingerie, you must advertise it, but your method of advertising contributes to the sexual objectification of women and the desensitization of morality among women and men. 
  • We offer the following recommendations for change to your current advertising campaign to reflect less sexually-explicit ads and more modest ones: Billboards should only advertise the item of lingerie, minus the model. Store-front display advertisements on walls and window ads should only show the item of lingerie, minus the model. Mannequins should not be posed provocatively. Catalogs and website advertisements should only feature models wearing lingerie which covers all body parts. In-store posters should only feature models wearing lingerie which covers all body parts. 
  • The Victoria Secrets "Victoria's Angels" Fashion show should only air on adult premium channels, rather than mainstream TV. 

However, due to the fact that Victoria Secrets does not currently promote modest practices in their advertising campaigns, we, the following undersigned women ages 13 and older, have decided to boycott your store by purchasing our lingerie elsewhere.
I whole heartedly agree with this statement and I vow to boycott this store. I will find my goods elsewhere. How about TJMaxx for a start! They have excellent brands for less! 

What about you, will you join me?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I will definitely boycott VS. Check out http://www.beautyredefined.net/victorias-little-secret/ it's an interesting article about VS.

Costi said...

Great site! I will join them on FB, thanks!

JenniferDiane said...

I completely agree with you!!! I wrote them this big long letter about how every bra I purchase from them breaks!! Oh I wish I would've kept the email. I told them that I spent too much money on these bras for them to keep breaking (the wire always comes out). SO they wrote me this letter, that I kept, and sent me a coupon for a free bra! Now why would I want another bra from them after I told them I would never purchase one from them again!! Needless to say, I haven't used the coupon because I stand by what I said! I think their bras are CRAP! Thanks for letting me share.

Costi said...

Great story Jenn! Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad I'm not alone in this! Way to speak up for good quality stuff!