Thanksgiving Essentials

 Lately, I have been trying to redirect my focus a little bit. I have been working on really being grateful everyday for God's blessings, saying thank you more to those around me, and showing appreciation. I have been pondering

the meaning of true, long lasting beauty ove worldly trends. Now, I will always enjoy some awesome quality clothes, don't get me wrong. But for some reason, during the holidays I tend to rebel. I really really dislike feeling pressure to shop! I want to shop when I need something and have the budget for it, but not because our society and traditions tell us that this is the ultimate time to shop. So I usually retract my shopping habits a little bit, so I can focus more on the real season. At my brother's church, this past Sunday the pastor talked about something called the Christmas Conspiracy, where people choose to make more homemade family gifts and give more of their time to others rather than being stressed with all the hustle and bustle. I'm all about this! These images reflect a few of the important Thanksgiving Essentials to be sure to remember to adorn yourself with as you are busy decorating and cooking and getting the house ready.
I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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