Invest in Summer Clothes???

Living in the South in the Summer can be a killer! It is nearly unbearable to wear jeans in 100 degree weather! So you have to be much more creative to look cute while still being classy and not get a heat stroke.

My entire life I have been more of a Fall and Winter lover than Summer. I enjoy spending lots more money on cold season clothing than warm. I have recently thought about the amount of wear I actually get for the expensive boots and coats versus the skimpy tanks, flip flops and shorts. Obviously, the warm weather clothing gets worn to shreds in our hot 8 months of the year! Last Summer, I did some fun shopping at Neiman Marcus Last Call and stocked up on some cute tanks, summery shirts, shorts and sandals. The brands I got were:

I have to tell you, that even though those four pieces of clothing cost me a lot more than I would normally pay for Summer clothes, those pieces are my favorite things I wear this Summer! In the heat that we face, we have to wear clothing that lasts and still flatters after drenched with sweat. So I say, don't by that fourth pair of boots next Winter and choose to go the extra mile on good Summer clothes!

And whatever you do...do NOT shop at Old Navy! Stick to that and you'll be set! 

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