The love/hate pregnancy relationship

Things I love about pregnancy:

My hair is awesome! Thicker, fuller, dryer! I only have to wash it every three days! Ahhh! Such a great time saver!

My skin always looks clean and healthy!

Getting smiles from strangers :)

Everyone asking how I'm feeling

Bigger boobs

Feeling my baby kick!!!

Seeing how cute my husband is when he talks to our baby!

Everyone else's constant excitement about the belly growth and baby!

The excuse to shop for new clothes and intimates.

I could get used to eating smaller meals more frequently.

Things I don't love about pregnancy (hate is a little too harsh):

Occasional lower back pain

Constant potty breaks!

Feeling big all the time

Tiring easier and not being able to push my body as hard to do vigorous physical activities

Bigger boobs.

My skin feels much more sensitive and sometimes itchy

Some bloating, belching, and gas

Being overwhelmed by all the baby products out there and having no clue what I will need.

Feeling thirsty constantly.

Bodily changes, feeling like I'm not in my own body and wondering when I'll get it back.

-That's all I've got for now, but I must say, I'm happy to be a Momma! I just wanted to vent a bit! :)

But seriously, overall, I can't complain much. I didn't get sick once! It really hasn't been bad at all. I have felt great most days and for the first 4 months --most of the time---forgot I was pregnant. I know that will not happen anymore for these next 4 months. Now, its time for more kicks! :)

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