An American Moment

I had the great opportunity to go to a Texas Rangers game last night. It was with my lovely immediate family. First off, the Rangers won!! How great is that? We stayed for "the best fireworks show in Texas" after the game...and it really was spectacular! Fireworks are always something exciting, but it was awesome to be in this huge stadium with tons of people, listening to Elvis and watching this beautiful show.
And the best part...
After the show and the grand finale, they turned on this huge screen and showed the Olympic Race with Michael Phelps which we were all waiting for!! What an amazing American moment to be able to celebrate the Gold with thousands of fellow Americans surrounding us! It was so much better than watching it in my living room.


WHITNEY said...

oh man, I would love to be in a crowd like that. nothing gets me more fired up than fireworks, olympics, and lot's of people.

larsita said...

wow, that's so awesome, naomi!! i wish i could have watched michael phelps win the gold w/ 50,000 other people! man, i bet the cheers were CRAZY loud!! the fireworks picture is pretty too!! :)