Follow the voice

My brother bought me this CD for my birthday. I have always been a fan of this guy, but I realized his talent all the more after this piece of art entered my life.

So check this out...

I decided to visit his website, which is awesome by the way. And I found out yesterday that he was playing tonight in Dallas! Obviously I couldn't make that, even though I will be in Dallas Saturday night! Then I learned that he will be playing in St. Louis November 23rd, but its a Sunday and how hard will it be to make it to work for Monday ten hours away. But in St. Louis he'll be playing at the Fox Theatre and I've always wanted to watch a show there! And I will be in STL on Tuesday! Just keep missin' him.

So the point is, I love Jason Mraz and want to go to a concert. At this point I don't really care where as long as I don't have to miss work. Who wants to join in with me to find him and go?

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melanie and michael said...

i love jason mraz! my favorite song is a duet he sings with Coblie Caillat. It's called Lucky. I've fallen in love with that song.