A Tight Trend!

As you might be aware...The Fall/Winter season is here and its full of some fantastic fun fashions! I always enjoy Fall fashions before Spring and this season there are so many trends to adopt!

The reason I love so many of them is because they are easy to pull off, inexpensive, and almost unruly.

An aspect I am high lighting today is legs! Be versatile with your legs this season! You can show your legs bare with a pair of booties. You can wear opaque colorful tights with any shoe.

Or you can wear black tights with black shoes and a colorful dress as shown. I chose to show this dress because it is M Missoni and I sold it when I was at NM.

Another fascinating trend is the one of sandals with tights! So don't pack up those sandals yet! Make sure they have a heal and your coolness will not be concealed!

I am in love with the gray/black shoe combo!

Of course knee high boots are a must have! They are a big investment but they are worth it! Just throw them on and your outfit is made and your feet will be comfortable too!

mismatched tights and shoes...i.e. red tights with purple shoes
a different color for each leg
wear platforms

match colored tights with colored shoes...only black
take the tights and sandals thing too far and wear flip flops...I know you wouldn't do that


Socoteanu said...

Thanks for the tips. I'll try some of these.

Corrie Alvaro said...

naomi! hey! thanks for the blogcouragement. i hope all is well with you...

(and i'm a fan of the black tights and black sandals, by the way) :)

JMBMOMMY said...

Oh please ignore Matei or maybe pray for him not to try these...I'm moving out if he does. Deal breaker--seriously :)

Costi said...

oh come on you know matei would look awesome in anything :)

his comment made me laugh

Jenn said...

thanks for the post nae! i actually think i have some open-toed shoes that will work with the tights... i'll ask you on friday before i wear them though. i don't want to make any hasty decisions regarding this new fashion trend. love you!

laura said...

Wow - thanks for the advice. I am still stuck in a weird limbo phase when it comes to style. Glad that there are cool people like you to keep me from looking like a total disaster. It's been fun reading your blog! Keep it up.