Bishop in Bronze

I have recently been introduced to a wonderful soul by the name of Bishop. She is a friend of my brother’s and now has become like a sister to me! There are many adorable things that make her personality so magnetic. Some of which include her fun, free nature. Her honest maturity. Her inquisitive and caring personality…I love that she really cares about daily happenings and how they affect people. I consider myself lucky to know her and hope to share stories with her.
Bishop is a total knock out and snazzy dresser, she by no means needs any fashion tips. I just felt like spoiling her in the world of the web with glamorous things that she hopefully would like. Hope you love 'em Bish...and I love you!

Here they are…

Manolo Blahnik gold thong sandal $875
Escada Python Convertible Hobo $3890

Cartier small tank American Watch $19,500
Because you're worth it!

Christian Louboutin Scissor Criss Cross Pump $650

1 comment:

The Dre said...

OMG! I totally know her! She's like the best freakin' woman around! I'm soooo glad the Constantinescu's can equally appreciate such a precious and awesome creature.

By the way sister... you're freakin' cool as well. At the same level if not even higher than The Bish herself! Love ya!