Fitness is my Witness

As Fergalicious would say...

"My body stayin vicious, I be up in the gym just working on my fitness,
He's my witness (ooh, wee)"

I figure a fitness pic of Fergie's would be a bit more popular than my own, so I will allow her to adorn my blog. It's been a while since I've done a fitness update, although I have still been keeping up with it, at least the gym part.

Since this week will be filled with family, fun and friends I know I won't be able to hit the gym much. I will however, strive to drag my family out on walks or something. I had tonight free and for some reason had a ridiculous amount of energy. It was a fiery hour long and constantly in motion session! Total body work out.
Maybe one day I'll be as vicious and delicious as some Fergalicious.


The Dre said...

Damn girl why Fergie so huge! She's all up in her plaid pants, it be trippin'!

No seriously I'm very glad we get to hang and walk in a few days!

I'll ttyl. I love you! your brizzle

Anonymous said...

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