Bahama bound

I haven't put a fitness update in a while. I've been slackin' on the gym going with all the added extras the holiday's bring. But the good news is that I can run again. I'm starting off slow, so as not to get injured again, and obviously am not where I used to be on my stamina. But its coming along. I've had four runs in the past few weeks. I'm up to 15min/mile. This week I hope to be doing lots of swimming in the Bahama's! Perhaps photos to follow.

Happy New Year


melanie and michael said...

i can't wait to see all of your pictures. i know what you mean with the holidays and not being able to get a run in. i hope you had a great christmas. next time i see you i'll give those audio cd's.

Socoteanu said...

I run really fast when it's raining outside.

googler said...

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