Sunday Hike

Every once in a while (ideally once a month) I like to go into nature to get away from the buildings, commerce, technology, retail saturation we face on a daily basis. In Alexandria we are blessed to have five lakes and a couple of recreation areas. I had a super time in a spiritual sense and for my own well being. Here are some highlights of my two hour trek.

These yellow dots were my friends

The tree that took my heart

I'm so American

I sort of made a life lesson based on these yellow dots. They told me where to go. I can see how one might be uneasy in the middle of the wilderness all alone (especially with flying, creeping things all over the place). As long as I could see a tree with yellow dots I knew I was going to go the right direction. So as to life, there are yellow dots to lead our way, we need not fear and we should be humble enough to follow them. Instead of making our own path with lets say, purple butterflies instead.

Gotta have chap stick with the SPF

Another thing I soaked up were all of the colors! A lot of the trees and leaves have begun to die, but in amongst the dead shrubbery were some fantastic colorful plants. The afternoon sunlight was hitting them just right.

I love leaves....yes Jenn I'm still saying it after all these years.

Towards the end of the journey, saying goodbye to my faithful friends and thanking God for the nature. It is a place I can feel him the most.

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melanie and michael said...

beautiful pictures naomi