The Joy Whit Brings

I served a mission in Romania for 18 months and was able to make many dear friends who will always hold a special place in my heart. Among them is one that I've had the pleasure of communicating with a lot more recently, Whitney Joy Orton.

This is her on my desktop at work and I love seeing her on my computer everyday!

We served together in my favorite city Oradea and a had a blast! We always found crazy things to do, like go tanning, put up Maggi signs on our windows, miss trains, dye our hair etc. None of these things would have been nearly as fun if it wasn't for her helping me learn to laugh at myself more and sing cool songs while doing it.

This girl brings such a creative and comical mood to my life, and in her honor I have selected some fun pieces to portray her coolness.

As she put it "I need to dress like a cool 25 year old. Who would make the perfect hip responsible wife"

Here's a dress I think you could Rock! I don't know if its my #1 color choice, but I like the style. Its from Delia's.
I immediately thought of you when I saw this watch from Lucky Brand.
I don't think it should be your only watch but its one to alternate with others.

Need I say more...

red dress shoppe
Hope you like 'em Whit. You have won my heart, forever.


whitney joy said...

I am speechless. Thank you so very much. I love them all! I am going to buy all those items (the dress being first!) ASAP!

Love like a husband, Whit.

laura said...

I love that you share my love of Whitney! We should start a fan club. I also love your fashion choices for her. Idea: You come to Utah, and we all go on a shopping spree for Whitney together...think it over.

Laura said...

I looove the dress! Thanks for more great fashionista advice.

melanie and michael said...

hey, we are driving back to baton rouge from dallas on thursday, but mike has class early in the morning. otherwise, i would love to stop by. we need to hang out again!!

Caytie said...

Sora!! This is the site I was talking about. I will find out more! :)