a few of my favorite people

I have previously mentioned the awesome family I met while working at the Greek Restaurant. As I wrote in my journal entry about them "it was pretty much love at first sight". I love so many things about them and their gorgeous children. But what struck me was how different they were. Not only different in comparison to the majority of the community but also from each other, yet it works beautifully.

They are so laid back and have such a sense of peace around them. We all agree that we were meant to meet each other. I felt a great closeness from our first encounters. They have sadly moved away (cool people don't last too long in Alexandria) and are sorely missed in my heart.

Here's a glimpse of the radiance, of the Bradys.

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The Dre said...

Good thing the Nguyens and ya'll still live there... there's still a little cool left... :) Great pics!