April Showers

Its that fun time of year where we get splattered from the heavens on occasion. Its even more fun when you are protected by some outerwear! I've included some Classic Top Designers and some more affordable choices for those of you in the market to buy and not just lust after.

I've selected two affordable, fashionable and functional choices. A black shiny synthetic hooded coat.

Both under $40!!

Here's a more casual look from Delia's, buy it here, again only $40

This is for a friend in particular, a vibrant, fun color to match her personality. Its only $27 at the mango shop

I had to include an Elie Tahari since I am blessed to own a few of his scrumptious pieces. This is at a rare low cost of $94 at Bloomingdales.
Its a great color and easy to wear anorak for any body type.
Here's a second super cute, white coat...couldn't resist.

Burberry will go down in history for its fabulous coats! If you are in the market for a new coat and have a little extra money to spend, go for one of these classic pieces! You will never ever have to buy another raincoat again. If you have never even tried one on, go to your nearest Neiman's or Nordstrom and look at how lovely these coats will lay on you. There are tons of fantastic selections to gawk over!

Here is one of my faves, its so unique, with a high collar and asymmetrical buttons, love the feminine back as well.

I could probably go on and on about Burberry, so you'll just have to experience it for yourself.

Whats a fashion blog post without Marc Jacobs? Love the bright color and military feel of this cotton trench.

I have lots more links to fun, high style and even some more affordable coats follow....

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