Boys Sportin' Spring Shorts

Here's one for those males out there looking to update their Spring/Summer look with a fresh pair of shorts. This go round these are in order from my faves to least, but a mixture of all is probably best for versatility. A friend of mine asked for some suggestions, and mentioned no denim, so I'm sticking to his wishes. I've also refrained from swim wear and from the super high end shorts....that was tough to do.

I enjoy the straight, slimming look these in this pair. Available in other fun colors. Though brown is a great neutral that is a little new an earthy. This can be a dressed down or even more dressed up look with a great white oxford and loafers with no socks.

This is a great airy look, don't be afraid to pair it with subtle prints or bright colors. For feet go for great pair of skater shoes or sneakers.

A bit more on the conservative side but so much more fun that same ol' khaki shorts most guys are stuck in the rut of wearing.

Definitely a bit more startling, but if you're feeling slightly daring, go for something fun! A gentleman that's not ashamed to show an edgy side shows confidence. Let this look bring out the boy in you again.

Of course the ever so popular Cargo Short, they are inescapable! So, I've just gotta get over my loathe of them. If you're a fan there's a website just for Cargo! Who knew? Enjoy. But if you ask me, go for something a little more high end and you won't look as silly :)


laura said...

i CANNOT wear shorts! seriously, they are hideous on me. if i had small hips i'd be all over these selections though. i wear skirts in the summertime.

Costi said...

i kind of hate shorts also, skirts are loads better! i should get one of your skirts to wear! can you custom make one?