personal stylist

ever gone shopping and brought the cutest skirt back home with no clue what to wear it with, and it just sat in your closet?
how many times have you worn the same top with a bottom over and over because you didn't know what else it could work with?
need to know what to wear to the ten weddings you have this summer?

in our economy you can't afford to be spending money on clothes with out purpose.

now....learn to maximize what you already have in your closet! triple your wardrobe, without spending a dime!
get myself, Larisa, for your very own personal stylist session....
you get---
---one on one consultation to create the looks you've always wanted, but couldn't "pull off"
---personal closet maximizing and accessorizing
---tips on what works best for your body type
---best tricks to look and feel your best and comfortable, while looking like it took you hours to get ready.
---i'll even go on a shopping trip with you
for only $100----i'm willing to drive up to 5 hours to get to you.
contact me to book an appointment larisa.inc@gmail.com


mel said...

this seems like a lot of fun. this name and my letter reminds that i've had your larisa sticker on my car.

Crystal Garcia said...

This is awesome! I should save up for it. Oh and by the way, I have white gloves for you , I'm sending them with Jenn!