my momma's garden

if you know my mother, then you know her childlike, energetic, laughing, determined personality. when she gets something in her head, there's just no stopping her. since i am so blessed to be able to live with her currently, i get to see her at work daily! and this is her latest love....her garden. i often times go to bed and wake up to her right outside my window tediously caring for each plant she's tending to. i admire her in many ways. and this is just one of her ways of expressing her artist, nurturing, attention to detail natured momma.
check out that fresh bell pepper
dill and rosemary

a lot of times she'll be cooking up something good and say "wait wait wait" and she scurry out to the garden and grab some fresh herbs and proudly throw them into her dish

who knew banana peels help plants grow, this lady knows her stuff
fresh herb collection, just picked, ready to dry out.
two types of basil, mint, dill, many others not shown.
her lovely eggplants
look at all that green onion
the front yard project
some of her favorite flowers hydrangeas
my mom at work


Kate said...

She is SOOO Cute!

whitney joy said...

love this post!

Crystal said...

Okay, so on Seven Pounds, Will Smith's character tells some lady to use banana peel in her garden and I wanted to know if it works, and according to your mom's garden it looks like it does! Awesome! :D