going to be a bulldog

its that time to actually talk about what's going on in my personal life...

basically, it is all changing.

i have moved back to my old college town of Ruston, Louisiana. i start as assistant teacher at a Montessori school there next week! and i will be attending the grand school of Louisiana Tech...again. i start some undergrad prerequisites this September. it is anticipated that i will begin a graduate program for the Winter quarter in Counseling and Guidance.
all these changes are quite exciting!
i am enjoying my new home...i've got plenty of space! a bedroom, a workout/yoga/belly dance room, and a project/art/computer room!
other than a few furry pest visitors, its been a pleasure living in the woods! my home is called "The Pearl"...for all you LOST fans.
i'll try to keep you updated on any other major changes.

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laura said...

Congrats Costi! I'm excited for you. I'm also jealous of your space. I want a yoga room!