The Wildflowers

I love my job at Montessori Wildflower School! I get to work with preschoolers and kindergartners. I am excited to see these kids' smiling faces and learn from them every morning I rise. 

I'm sure future posts about the Montessori Method will follow. It truly is amazing. I just wanted to jot a few of my favorite things about some of these kids and seeing them everyday. 

This is Tyra and Emily, who are both Kindergartners now. They were in my class as 2 year olds when I worked there before in 07! Can you believe that? Here's a plug for the Montessori Method, ages are mixed, like in our classes they range from 2-5 year olds! Depending on their readiness and potty trainedness. hehe. But its great because the younger ones can learn from the older ones. 
Here's David and Myles, who are absolutely precious. They love each other so much and do everything together. Today David was a little sad to say goodbye to his mom in the morning and we were on circle, so Myles scooted over and said "David come sit by me" and he rubbed his back and consoled him. Just melted my heart!
This is my Chloe, she's not in my class, but we are practically related. I taught her older brother two years ago, who was like my four year old soul mate. They have European backgrounds and I understand their free spirited upbringing. It saddens me that sometimes they can be misunderstood so everyday I take out time to make sure Chloe feels understood by someone there. And she gives me the biggest smile!
Neil, is Chloe's cousin, and another happy, free spirited kid! He's not in my class either, but everyday he asks me "Are you gonna come sit with us?" in his class. Love him!
Zoie is in my class, she's 3 years old and another hand-full. I guess I like the tough ones. She's a doll though. I'll have to post some of the poses she gave me once I brought out my camera (iphone that is, hence the quality). I learn from Zoie on how to enjoy doing every little thing. Such as the way she hops and skips to go put her shoes away, or enjoys watching and learning from others. She lives in each moment and confidently loses herself in her work without comparing herself to others. 

My job is heaven on earth and I'm so grateful!

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