Inside "The Pearl"

As you know, I have relocated. My new place is wonderful! It's called The Pearl, from LOST, since I live in the woods in a mobile home. I love being surrounded by nature. I've got lots of room to myself and I'm enjoying living alone for the first time. It's almost too easy. 

Here are some visuals. 

The living room, with the couches I got from Dallas off Craig's List. Love 'em.
The view from the front door looking into the dining room on right and kitchen on left.

My project/art room. Still haven't found organization yet. Need another piece of furniture.
My workout room, love the wood floors! One day I'd like to have mirrors lined up on the wall and have a yoga studio or belly dance also. 


mel said...

i love your place! it's so you! don't you just love craigslist?! i'm so happy for you! how are the classes going?

The Daltons said...

What a fun place!! I love how you decorated it. So, I finally caved and started a blog-tanjaandbrad.blogspot.com.

Laura said...

I love that you call it the Pearl. We love LOST!! Sounds like a lot of exciting things are happening for you. Congrats!

Costi said...

mel- thanks! classes are good, keeps me reading, but i'm enjoying learning. we'll see after my first two tests next week.

Tanja--cool, can't wait to read your blog, i'm sure its tons of fun.

laura-i missed last season of LOST, so i better catch up before January! Thanks, yes, lots of fun stuff. Same for you too :)