just a few of things that remind me of...

This Christopher Kane dress is only $2500 but its got my name all over it! Love the color scheme, and the geometric quality and layered look!

Recently my best friend, Jenn has told me that she's looking for a black jacket. She's gotten rid of all hers! We've been trying to decide on a particular style that will be the most useful. She being a mother of two small children and doesn't go shopping all that often, its a big decision. She's tall and thin, so I think that she can pull off a longer jacket easily. But this motorcycle jacket is just amazing! Jenn would rock this! And its totally in her price range by Balmain of $12,050!

Ok this 3.1 Phillip Lim totally looks like my co-worker, Lauren. Totally.

Now we can back to the reality of our pockets and wardrobes! I've recently made a deal with myself that I will relinquish thinking about new things to buy, and use my blog as a way of getting it out of my system and not out of my bank account.


Anonymous said...

Hey Naomi..... you are correct..... that is sooo Lauren. I love it! You rock!


amymaranto said...

Hey Naomi -
It was awesome catching up with you! Yeah - 2 days in a row I got to see you! I must be living right! So got to see you more to get my Naomi fix! My kids want to see Na Na again!
Love you!

Costi said...

you are too awesome amy! i've been thinking all day how glad i am that we got to talk and see each other after all these years!

and i adore your kids! girls rule! boys drool!

jenn said...

i do like that jacket! you are so good, my best friend! i hope you like the cheap-o motorcycle jackets i ended up getting... hopefully i'll still like them a month and a half from now (oh silly mommy)! love you!