My Favorite Bars

I recently had a friend of mine ask me what some of my favorite bars are. Its one of my favorite things to discuss and one of my favorite things to eat. I could live on nutritious bars!

I think this would have to be my number one favorite. I've tried lots and lots of bars. I think this is the most filling. After a Clif bar I feel like I've eaten a meal. Its one of my favorites as a quick breakfast.

Since I don't eat much meat, the protein bar is something I really need. Out of all protein bars on the market I like the Clif because its the most natural and has a lot of protein. I usually consume a bar like this after a hard core workout when I need replenish my muscles. Or if I haven't had meat in three or four days.

This is another good protein bar. I'm a peanut butter lover so this gives me my fix.

 This is just a snack bar for me. Can't resist Luna's scrumptious flavors! Like this Chocolate Raspberry and the Peppermint Chocolate.

The Odwalla is also usually an in between meal snack for me. They are filled with fruits and grains. I prefer the fruity flavors and enjoy this bar when I'm low in fresh fruit at the house.


whitney joy said...

YESSSS! Thank you for posting this! Have you tried the clif bar mojo bars? I like em!

Anonymous said...


where do you find these bars? they sound wonderful.


Costi said...

Whit- you're so welcome. I think i've had a mojo once...I'll definitely go out of my way to get one now

Christine-You can find the Clifs at Super One or Walmart has a pretty decent selection. Also Olde Wheat Barn has lots of good stuff! My favorite health food selection is Kroger I will be stocking up this weekend in Shreveport!