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top ten things/people I miss about facebook

10. Keeping up with Angela VanHuss
9. Kady Mitchell and pics of her Lily
8. My sweet Dessert Jewels!
7. Seeing the New Zealanders- Brett and Jemaine
6. The family I've got spread across the world (that I wasn't that great at keeping in touch with anyway)
5. Hearing about musical and film shows going on in Shreveport, such as Minicine? or Mr. Christopher
4. All my Suddenlink Peeps- Rick, Dawn, Kelley (and her cute kid pics), Brandy, Victor, Pam and Mike.
3. Andrei of course!!
2. JAMES GUNN-who is filming the movie Super, in Shreveport with Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page! Its my dream to meet him, and this meeting will happen.
1. Scrabble with Shawn Gillespie

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