vision declared

I have never owned a designer handbag, and I'm now declaring that it is time. I saw this bag in person at the Last Call Neiman's in Dallas a while back. I fell in love with the quality and luxury in every little detail. I also really enjoy its youthful design and royal hue. It is the casual me, not so much the classy me. But since I'm a student and a teacher now, and not a business person, I can get away with such a statement. Also I'm trying to stay below $500, all the classy timeless designer bags (Burberry, Fendi, etc) that I'll never have to buy a handbag again, are about $1000 more. so I figured I'd save those for when I'm a Counselor.

So I'm going with L.A.M.B. Thanks Gwen Stefani for being a talented entertainer and designer.

This is the only image I could get, but click the link for all the info.


Anonymous said...

I may not know much... but I do know that this handbag has Naomi written alllll over it! It is FINE!!! You are right... it's so youthful. I have to admit... that red Fendi bag is fine too!!! Maybe Santa will bring it to you!

See ya,

Costi said...

thanks Christine! Yeah one day I'll have it, well both of them that is.

Can't wait for you to get all your goodies! Yay!